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Ok, here's the deal; I'm in stage band(which Mr. Kade directs) and I'm an 8th grader that plays the trombone(The highest in my school). There is this suck-up 7th grader that gets all the solos and he SUCKS! Everytime he plays his solo he slows us down and messes everyone(including himself) up. And it really pisses me off. Doesn't Mr. Kade realise that I'm older than the 7th grader and I deserve the solo that will be played in front of people at the mall!?!?! This happens Thur. and I need to tell him about it tomorrow, if I wait until Thurs. he'll be really pissed off. How can I go about letting Mr. Kade know how I feel? Shouuld I tell him(We'll be alone!!! Just the two of us, which will make me really nervous), should I get a friend to come along(We won't be alone, less nervous. BUT I like to be alone w/ him, it feels more intimate) or should I get a fellow 8th grade trombone to tell him how I feel(She feels the same as I do, that it's unfair for a lower person to get those opportunities)? I don't know what to do!!!!! Help me guys, please!? Or should I just not say anything?? I know that if I get the 7th graders solo he will go whinning to Mr. Kade and it will be all screwed up!!! I don't want Mr. Kade to think lower of me and I don't want him to think I'm a cry-baby or something like that! I just don't think it's fair and it's driving me crazy. Help me guys, what should I do! I allready have enough problems telling him, "Bye!" How is it going to turn out if I go and complain to him???!!!!! *sobs* I just don't know what to do.......



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