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Yep, I have a crush too...*blush* its quite embaressing to say it to anyone though but Everybody in school already knows. He's 25, an engliah teacher who is funny, sweet, shy, and very nice. When I saw him for the first time, I didn't develop any feelings for him, but after one day, when I chatted with him in the library for 45mins! He was so adorable, his predictions on the seventh book of Harry Potter were so intelligent! This might sound insane, but there was oneday where I made his favorite Betty Crocker Brownies and after a few monthes I made him a Betty Crocker Marble Cake with chocolate frosting *sigh* even though we shared it with the whole class, I was sooo happy that he liked it! The sad thing is that he is married, his wife is so lucky, cause I don't think I'll ever forget this man, That I've had my biggest crush on! And even though I want to tell him, I don't (I control myself)... it for sure will freak him out! He didn't even want to hug me, when I passed him a the Favorite Buttony thing to him infront of assembly, instead he shook hands with me *rolls eyes* but I really, really love him *smiles*

Welcome Post/Community Info/Rules

This community is for anyone who has ever had the (mis)fortune of falling in love with a mentor (be it a teacher, professor, or some other older authority figure in their life). Situations like these are usually not easy things to deal with so this community was created for the purpose of advice and mutual support.

This community is not a place for fetishes, mild crushes, or lustful obsessions (there's a big difference between thinking your teacher is "leik omg sooo hott!" and having deep emotional feelings for someone). There're plenty of other communities for stuff like that, trust me, I know. The reason I made this community in the first place was out of frustration at being unable to find a more serious support-based community for this sort of thing.

This community's membership is moderated. For the moment I am approving all requests but may add an additional application requirement in the future if I find people aren't sticking with the community rules.

Many of the posts in this community may be friends-locked so only the members can read them. Feel free to friends-lock your posts here if you're uncomfortable with non-members reading them. On that note, we're working with a trust system here so please be respectful of the privacy of your fellow members. Any members caught reposting information shared in confidence here without the permission of the original author will be banned from the community.

And I think that's everything...questions or concerns can be emailed to me.



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