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Mentor Love

For anyone who's ever fallen in love with someone they shouldn't have

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This community is for anyone who has ever had the (mis)fortune of falling in love with a mentor (be it a teacher, professor, or some other older authority figure in their life). Situations like these are usually not easy things to deal with so this community was created for the purpose of advice and mutual support.

Many of the posts in this community may be friends-locked so only the members can read them. Feel free to friends-lock your posts here if you're uncomfortable with non-members reading them. On that note, we're working with a trust system here so please be respectful of the privacy of your fellow members. Any members caught reposting information shared in confidence here without the permission of the original author will be banned from the community.

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Heartfelt confessions are whole heartedly welcome here, as well as mild musings, art, prose, and other things related to your mentor passion. There is no such thing as a post too long or too trivial. If it pertains to deep mentor love, and it's what you need, we're here for you. Information exchanges, such as those about good May/December films and songs are also welcomed.

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This community is not a place for fetishes, mild crushes, or lustful obsessions (there's a big difference between thinking your teacher is "leik omg sooo hott!" and having deep emotional feelings for someone). There are plenty of other communities for stuff like that, however, this community was created out of frustration at being unable to find a more serious support-based community for this kind of emotion. Cruelty or mocking other members about their own loves will not be accepted under any circumstances and is grounds for immediate banning. Please, let's support, not tear down.

And I think that's everything...questions or concerns can be emailed to me.